R & D Benches – Cape Town

Our benches are made from hand-picked CCA treated timber.

The same timber used for roofs, jetties, fencing and timber decks on waterfronts.


We only use 38mm thick timber and the timber is first dried before components are assembled to ensure no moister is trapped between joints. A thin layer of waterproof glue is applied between joints for extra protection and to avoid movement of joints as the bench ages. All components are screwed together with galvanized screws.

Benches made by us for Inigma Pub.


Components are individually double coated with an oil based 100% UV and waterproof exterior varnish to ensure every inch of your bench is covered, before it is assembled prior to delivery or when delivered at your premises, which is preferred. Benches are also supplied in a knock down form for easy transport to holiday houses etc. Umbrella holes are optional in all benches at no extra cost.

All benches come with a build in umbrella base so no additional base is needed.

A 50% deposit is required to secure your order and delivery time depends on orders on hand at the time. It is difficult to determine the lifespan of your bench as the first bench, manufactured by R&D Benches seven years ago, is still in excellent condition.

It is recommended that no chemicals of any kind are used to clean your bench as the coating used only required a wet cloth to clean your bench. Benches used in very harsh conditions, such as direct sunlight or sea side areas will require a recoat once a year while benches in not so harsh areas a re-coat every second year.

Our focus is not on manufacturing quantity but rather to ensure quality and durability.


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